Project Description

Escape Through The Movies

Boom Chicago Amsterdam

Rozengracht 117, 1016 LV Amsterdam, Nederland
Maximale tijd: 75 minuten
Capaciteit: 2 tot 5 spelers
Minimale leeftijd: ?

We proudly announce our latest, thrilling escape room adventure: Escape Through the Movies! You and your group will have to work together to discover clues, solve puzzles and race towards the exciting finale.

Escape Through the Movies, Boom Chicago’s fifth escape room is our best yet. Artistic Director Andrew Moskos leads a team that provides story, design, decor, actors, props, music, video, tech, hardware, and software. Puzzles are designed by Pep Rosenfeld, the best in the business.

Exactly 100 years ago, the Rozentheater was Amsterdam’s first megabioscoop, a 1000 seat movie palace with two balconies and a state of the art projection booth. For the roaring 20’s and beyond, the people of de Jordaan, sat spellbound in their seats while the mighty projector shined fantasy on the silver screen. Today, the Rozentheater is a popular venue with theaters, a bar and of course: The Boom Chicago comedy show. Although no longer a cinema, the special projectionist booth still exists. Your journey will take you into the projection booth to start the projector and enter the movies.

The mission takes 75 minutes and everybody reaches the thrilling finale. For the competitive groups, points are awarded and you can compare yourself to everybody before you. With a team drink afterwards (not included), the entire experience takes two hours. The story begins 30 minutes before mission time in the cafe. Work together on the warm up challenges to limber you up mentally and prepare for the mission. Latecomers may arrive at any time during the warm-up challenge, but it is better to be together as a group. Ask the bartender for the envelope when you arrive.